What Top Talent Wants to Know in 2020

Having an issue landing the talent you want for your organization? Well, we predict, it isn’t going to get any easier. The proverbial War for Talent is as strong as ever. With baby boomers retiring at an accelerated rate, there continues to be a gap in leadership within mid-level and senior management positions. Companies are competing for a smaller pool of talent so it is important to cover topics that are important to candidates. We’ve seen and heard a lot of trends over the past 25 years and technology isn’t the only big change. People’s focus on career fulfillment has evolved as well.

Here are some subjects we suggest you cover in the interview:

  1. First and foremost, take the call.  If a recruiter calls you, take the call. If a department leader wants to talk to you about doing something outside your current parameters, listen.  If you are fortunate enough to have people pursuing you, take the time and build those relationships. Its easier to have them and not need them immediately versus trying to cultivate a meaningful network quickly.
  2. Culture  Every company has a company culture and many people define it differently. Candidates want to know what is acceptable and isn’t, as it relates social norms, politics, behaviors, dress, promotability factors and basic role fit. Your company may have defined values but culture can impact long term fit in so many ways, it has become a hot button topic to top talent and we suggest you are prepared to define it. 
  3. Mission/Sustainability Today people want to work for a company they believe in, a mission that resonates with their set of values and interests. Make sure that during the interview, you include a higher strategic message about your company’s mission and how it impacts lives. Whether it is building a better car, offering a life saving service or bringing joy to pets, candidates want to feel a connection. The same goes to sustainability and environmental consciousness. In many markets, it is often one of the top 3 “Must haves.”
  4. Career Mobility   People staying with a company for 15 years has been long gone, the average stay now being 2.5 year. Talented individuals are looking for ways to advance their careers as well as their own personal development and want to know what your company has to offer them beyond the typical career laddering. Can they move out of a function into a different function? Do they have to commit to relocation every 2-3 years to get promoted? Can they move from business unit to unit? If they decide to start a family, can they reduce their hours and hop back in 18 months later?
  5. Personal/Career Development  Top talent wants a company that is willing to invest in their future but also recognizes work as only one part of a multi-faceted life. Be prepared to answer a myriad of questions—from paid college tuition to reimbursement of professional associations to questions around sabbatical and maternity/paternity leave policies.

As a leader, your ability to respond quickly and decisively on these topics, will help you stand out as well. We often hear employees don’t leave companies as much as they leave their leaders. That works in reverse as well. Make sure you put both yourself and your firm in the best light to be a competitive choice in the talent marketplace.

We are always happy to help you through every step of the process, from determining what your career goals are to helping you reach them. Feel free to contact us!

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