Just How Happy Are You? Really.

It’s not surprising that 2018’s employee satisfaction survey scores were higher than in previous years’—Apparently 51% of employees are satisfied with their current situation.

We have noticed an uptick in the number of people who give us this response when we call to talk about their career: “No, thanks. I’m happy where I am.” Really?

How happy are you? You might be comfortable in your role. You may think your position is stable and your career is fine, but are you confusing complacency with comfort? If change in life is constant, then shouldn’t you ensure your career continues to evolve as well? Ask yourself this question:

What have I done to move the needle in my career in the past 6 months?

If you don’t have a solid answer, you might want to re-evaluate your situation. Besides, it hurts nothing to talk to a recruiter. We can help give perspective on how your situation compares to others in your field. We will gladly give you resume or interviewing advice. We want to understand what’s important to you and we’re happy to share potential opportunities that may change your life – and your family’s – in a meaningful way.

You might be comfortable today, but tomorrow is an unknown. Outside factors can change quickly– companies are often sold, merged, or subjected to changes in their CEO and/or operating model without warning. Are you so well-networked that, if your role were to disappear next week, you’re certain that you could find an equally fabulous role on your own quickly?

Being proactive in your career doesn’t have to mean actively looking for the next opportunity, but it should include listening for the next role and saying yes to open-ended conversations. At worst you may lose a few minutes of your day, but in doing so you will forge a connection with someone who knows your industry. You may even open the door that leads to your dream job.

With job satisfaction at record highs and unemployment at record lows, employers are scrambling for top talent. There hasn’t been a better time to leverage a new opportunity in decades! There are companies actively looking for employees just like you, and they’re paying top dollar right now. Recruiters can quickly put you in touch with the companies who would best meet your needs, so the benefits of just saying “yes” to connecting easily outweigh any drawbacks.

By benchmarking with external recruiters, you arm yourself with the knowledge you need to make an educated decision about how happy you really are. If that answer really is “very happy right now,” then that’s great! Let’s keep in touch, and we can always reconnect in the future. If not, we’ve got a role we’d just love to tell you about…

We are always happy to help you through every step of the process, from determining what your career goals are to helping you reach them. Feel free to contact us!

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